We've been busy developing our new MSc Science Communication & Future Media, a part-time online course, which is specifically focused on developing digital communication skills. We feel this degree is timely, particularly in light of several studies, including one by JISC that highlights that 99% of students surveyed agreed that 'technology is becoming increasingly important in  education'. Dr Erinma Ochu, one the lecturers on the course headed over to DigiFest in Birmingham last week to explore where higher and further education are currently setting the bar is in terms of revolutionising teaching and learning. Interestingly there was a particular focus on the rise of robotsstudents using engagement data to improve retention and motivation beyond formal study. A range of digital dashboards, apps and virtual learning environments such as digital landscapes and virtual labs, were showcased to tackle the latter.

We enjoyed catching up with our friends at Figshare and Edina as well as meeting new people in the Edtech startup space.

The slides, talks and programme can be found here.