women in #sciComm

 celebrating International Women's Day 2019

by @ScicommSalford

This page celebrates women in science communication. Whilst some people might not label themselves as ‘science communicators’ we feel their work makes an amazing contribution to #scicomm, engaging participants outside of traditional STEMM subjects. We aim to keep adding and discovering people through the year. This year we’re foregrounding cultural practitioners whose practice makes for a more inclusive #scicomm culture, and who are unapologetically intersectional and often working towards social and/ or environmental justice.


Women in #SciComm Audio

Claire Fox, Moral Maze

Avery Trufelman, 99% Invisible

Liz Wayne, PhDivas

Women in #SciComm Text

Prof Donna Haraway

Women in #SciComm (IN ARTS & COMEDY)

Some of the best #SciComm Work happens outside of traditional science spaces and includes artists, curators, designers and comedians