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Msc science communication & future media

"Our part-time, online MSc is designed with the creative professional in mind. Nurture your confidence and expertise in using creative digital skills as you develop your own reflective, critical practice as a strategic communicator. 

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 Our MSc was featured in a THE article this year

Our MSc was featured in a THE article this year


fOR 2018-19 entrants, you will begin WITH Block 2 MODULES.


Block 2



Science Communication is a way of life. Science begins when its communicated.
— Professor Andy Miah

A new generation of science communicators are in demand to work across and within the cultural, digital, health, environmental industries and higher education sector. 

Science communication now embraces groundbreaking scientists, artists, games developers, creative technologists, curators, social entrepreneurs, environmental and health policymakers and citizen scientists.
This course bridges the creative #scicomm skills gap in an era where digital literacy, critical thinking and creative innovation make professionals stand out from the crowd.
Designed with this next generation of collaborative pioneers in mind, this course will kick start and accelerate your career, build your global network and support you as you develop your portfolio.
You will critique the ethical challenges that new communication systems pose whilst considering global challenges around health, wellbeing, equality and sustainability as intrinsic to your practice.
You will gain practical and transferable skills informed by theory, a creative portfolio and access to world-class networks to advance your career.
The course is delivered through distance learning and includes collaborative tasks, individual assignments and a final project. There are two optional residentials in the first term of the first two years for the blended learning course option. Read a student blog about the residential here.
Each term consists of two, 15 credit modules, run over 13 weeks in 6 week blocks. A group task and an individual assignment helps to build your creative skillset and portfolio across the course.
Each 15 credit module comprises:
  • 21 hours of online learning materials (podcasts/ videos/ articles)
  • 10 hours of webinars
  • 109 hours of independent study.
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Our TEam

While we bring in a range of contributors,  here are some of the most familiar faces on the programme.

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Dr Chloe James

Chloe is Programme Leader for the MSc and a practicing medical microbiologist, whose research has inspired art/science collaborations and seen Chloe appear on the BBC numerous times.

Modules include:

World of Science Communication & Future Media

Andy Miah

Prof Andy Miah

Andy's research on the ethics of emerging technologies spans such areas as life extension and artificial intelligence. In 2015, he was the 2015 Josh Award winner for Science Communication.

Modules include:

Scicomm as Live performance, The Art of Scicomm, Science Writing & Backpack Journalism

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Dr Erinma Ochu

Erinma's expertise in citizen science and art-science projects is internationally renowned. Her background in neuroscience, film and cultural participation ensures a trans-disciplinary approach to the programme.

Modules include: 

Science & Storytelling, Public Involvement & Citizen Science, Global Challenges in Scicomm