#SciComm and Live Performance

One of our most enjoyable events last year was Amorance, an event designed to see if we could get people to fall in love, while communicating something about the science of intimacy. It was such a lovely event to produce, working with amazing people in #scicomm. 

The event really resonates with our MSc in Science Communication & Future Media, especially one module we are running on Live Performance. The components of Amorance involved a number of performers, but the idea of science communication being performative is what really interests me here. 

In some respects, a big part of live performance today is delivered digitally. With functions like Facebook Live and Twitter's Periscope, the skills needed to perform are far wider than they once were. Yet, the opportunity to engage more people has also expanded and understand how best to do that, while trying to build our confidence across live environments, is a big part of what we need to know.

Here's a glimpse into our event, which was part of the Manchester Science Festival.