Let me take a (bio)selfie @ Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition

Staying in the touring spirit, Dr Chloe James BioSelfies activity is headed to The Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition. Alongside other exhibits, audiences will have the opportunity to create their own unique and colourful self-portrait using the bacteria swabbed from their cheek with Dr Chloe James and her team.

The swab will be used like a brush with paint to lay the foundations of audience’s unique microbiome artwork on an agar plate. This invisible design will then be grown in a lab with the end result being your vibrant and multi-coloured bioselfie that will be photographed and sent to them.

This Royal Society Summer Exhibition is a week-long festival celebrating the cutting edge of UK science. It has a packed programme of thought-provoking talks, demonstrations and entertaining performances alongside 22 exhibits of hands-on science and technology aimed at all ages.

Find out more about the event here.