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A free, one-day meeting with industry leaders, research experts, and esports players, getting to grips with how research can assist the esports industry and what the future of esports may look like. Produced in collaboration with The Landing

Limited places available.

Details: 23 July, 2019, The Landing, Media City, Salford, UK.


Esports have become a vast cultural force in recent years, transforming how people play games, creating new economies of participation, and re-framing the cultural conversation about gaming in society. But, what do we really know about what's happening in this world and what kind of evidence is there to support claims about its impact on individuals and society? Come along to this unique event bringing together industry and research professionals to go beyond the marketing data and dig deep into the value of esport.


We have all been to too many conferences and we’d like to do something different here. As such, our event is focused and targeted. For those who love a registration place, here’s our EVENTBRITE sign-up, but we’d love to hear from you directly.

At this event, we’re seeking to create conversations about esports and want to hear from you personally, if you’d like to participate. We want to reach people who are invested into esport professionally, but who also want to nurture its development. Our event attendance numbers are capped at 50 people, so please get in touch soon to secure your place. We’re also making sure that you’ll have a chance to play on some games during the event and we’ll be creating a bunch of media throughout the day.

If you’d like to be a part of the #Esports50, then please register above or contact Professor Andy Miah, who will reply to you directly and kick start the registration process. In the email, please tell us a bit about your work in esport and/or point us to a LinkedIn profile with your details. or via WhatsApp on +447455001638

Please also join our email community at Jiscmail, which brings industry and academia together.


Arrivals & Registration

Welcome and Overview


Setting the Research Agenda in Esport
gaming studies, scientific research, evidence

Responsibilities in Esports
safeguarding, accessibility, addiction, design, CSR


What the Players Value

Virtual Reality Sports - A New Chapter?


Regulating Esports
law, governance, risks, recognition

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