The Creative Content and Events Team @UoSMediaCity works with artists, designers, and scientists to create breathtaking experiences. Here are just a few of them.


GameLab 2018

The MicroBiHome

Game Lab 2017

The AquAIRium 1.0

Sound Pit

This augmented reality play environment was imagined by artist Di Mainstone, the European City of Science artist in Residence. It premiered at our Salford Science Jam with the creative support of the Media City team.


This project created an immersive experience of life inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, drawing on research which went on to win the Times Higher Education Research Project of the Year in 2016.


Working with Bex Andrews Company, Transmission Interactive was an interactive dance space exploring the concept of disease transmission, working with genetic scientists. 

Science Jam


The Science Jam is our largest single programmatic event in the year, produced within Manchester Science Festival, for which we are the Principal Educational Partner. Here's some of what we've done over the years at Media City.

twenty sixteen

This year the Science Jam brought world leading artists Di Mainstone together with co-commissioned with with FACT. This year, every school within the university took part in our programme and the Science Jam brought over 30 external partners to our delivery. Here are some of the highlights...

The University of Salford Art Collections team co-commissioned a version of this wonderful new piece by Ryoichi Kurokawa.

twenty fifteen

Creating immersive experiences was a big part of our 2015 Jam, bringing people into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone through a unique installation
Making BioSelfies with Dr Chloe James...
Your Colour Perception, by Liz West...

Digital Switch, a look back at digital gaming...


twenty forteen

In 2014, we focused work around the idea of disease transmission, hosting a public debate, a unique installation, and a weekend of activity.

Transmission Interactive, by Bex Andrews Company

Public debate filmed with Google Glass