Diversity in STEM: My Science Inquiry success

A group of 203 academics, under the leadership of material scientist, Professor Rachel Oliver (University of Cambridge) including @erinmaochu (University of Salford) and scientists from University of Plymouth, Imperial , NewCastle and UCL came together using social media, to launch a government inquiry into the ‘Impact of science funding policy on equality, diversity, inclusion and accessibility’. Rachel’s pitch proposed that data is gathered on how funding is allocated to identify biases in funding processes and to then inquire further into which ‘funding, policies, procedures and cultures were affecting diversity in science’ with a view to improving the culture of science and its impact on society. This inquiry launches within the next 12 months by the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee. The formal minutes from the meeting can be read here and watch all the pitches to the committee here, and a summary of some of the other ideas, around protecting crop regulation, wearable tech and the microbihome and more.