The General Election in Virtual Reality

This week, Prof David Roberts is working on a virtual reality project to examine how people feel when they get into discussions about the general election. Prof Roberts uses virtual reality to examine neurological processes and is at the cutting edge of his field.

To complete the work, he is seeking to involve a performance student in the creation of the script and the performance of the voice that would be heard by the participants. If you'd like to have an amazing line on your cv and to see first hand how virtual reality works, then please drop him a line here


You can also get involved as one of the research subjects, if you'd just like to try it out. To do so, please sign up by contacting PhD researcher Godson AhambaUniversity of Salford, School of Health Sciences, , Allerton Building, , Room L526

Here is the overview for your involvement in this capacity:

You will be immersed in Virtual Reality during interaction with life sized Virtual Humans while we measure your neural and psychophysiological response.

We are inviting anyone who is 18+, does not suffer epilepsy, frequent migraine, motion sickness, and does not have excessively sensitive skin or excessively thick or curly hair to take part in this study. You will be asked to attend only one Session.

You will receive a £10 reimbursement for travel (for participants from outside the University).