#SciComm at Latitude Festival

Meet the three Salford academics planning to bring the wonderful world of DNA to Latitude

Dr Joe Latimer, Dr Sarah Withers and Dr Ian Goodhead from the School of Environment and Life Sciences will be bringing their unique show ‘Read your DNA Live’ to Latitude Festival this summer.

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The team will be telling festival-goers how bacteria keep you happy and heathy, along with how we can use new technology to analyse the trillions of organisms inside each of us. They’ll also be bringing along a pop-up ‘swabbing station’ where people can get swabbed and learn more about their DNA using ultra-modern equipment found at the University.

“Here at Salford we have fantastic equipment that can analyse strands of DNA in just a couple of hours, whereas before this sort of thing would take days. It’s great we can share this innovative technology with the public at Latitude – I mean, where else can you learn all about your DNA at a music festival?” said Joe.

Joe, Sarah and Ian will also be joined by four ELS students across the full festival weekend (Thursday 13th- Sunday 16th July). Their hub will be a unique mobile lab in the festival’s Faraway Forest; here people can learn about all things DNA and ask any questions they have.

On the final day, the team will take to the stage of the Wellcome Trust Arena. It’s here they’ll share funny stories and silly anecdotes from the world of bacteria and teach festival-goers why we should take care of our invisible friends.

Find out more about 'Read your DNA' Live here.