Digital Storytelling with @ITV and Dr Erinma Ochu

As part of a collaboration between Salford University and ITV, the Schools of Environment and Life Sciences and Arts and Media, co-produced the first of 2 events that titled #MeetTheNeighbours. 

The first was with ITV's Commecrial Director, Jason Spencer, who gave a talk and followed up with a conversation with Dr Erinma Ochu, tutor on our new MSc in Science Communication and Future Media. The discussion was far reaching and connects with one of our modules on Science and Storytelling, which examines what is core to all good science communication, namely the art of telling good stories.

The audience learned a lot about the television industry, how it produces work, makes them commercially viable, while retaining editorial and creative integrity. The next one will take place in April and can be booked onto here.