Creative Contexts & Practice

This module focuses on developing your professional skills as a reflective science communicator operating effectively in a digital environment. You will be guided to focus on developing creative habits and strategies to transfer ideas and skills into real world contexts through problem-based learning. You will be locate your work within a professional context and community of practice that has the potential to continue beyond the life of the course.

Lectures and seminars will cover:

  • Developing Your Creative and Digital Practice as a Science Communicator:
  • Situating Science in Society
  • Science and the City
  • Creative Digital Practice as a Research Methodology
  • Working within and without the STEM community.
  • Designing Your Digital Footprint: digital scholarship, open science, the rights of citizens in the digital age

Reading List

  • Illingworth, S. & Allen, G. (2016). Effective Science Communication: A Practical Guide to Surviving as a Scientist. Institute of Physics
  • Perrault, S. (2013). Communicating Popular Science: From Deficit to Democracy, Basingstoke: Palgrave, Macmillan
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