Creative Contexts & Practice

This module focuses on developing your professional skills as a reflective science communicator working with care in a range of cultural contexts, including digital environments. You will be guided to focus on developing creative habits and ethical strategies to exchange ideas and skills, drawing on real world contexts through problem-based learning. You will be encouraged and supported to situate your work and develop your professional identity within a professional context and community of practice, reaching out to learn from professional science communicators whilst fostering the potential to continue your development beyond the life of the course.

Dialogues and seminars will cover:

  • Developing Your Creative and Digital Practice as a Science Communicator:

  • Situating Science in Society

  • Science and the City

  • Creative Digital Practice as a Research Methodology

  • Cultural infrastructure: bridges between the STEM and the non-STEM community

  • Designing Your Digital Footprint: digital scholarship, open science, the rights of citizens in the digital age

In 2018 Dialogues featured:

  • Dr Yewande Pearse, Biomed Research Fellow and podcaster, UCLA

  • Professor Andy Miah, Chair, Science Communication and Future Media, Salford University

  • Dr Gary Kerr: Lecturer, Events and Festival Management, Napier University

  • Simon Chaplain, Director of Culture & Society, Wellcome

  • Abira Hussein, Nomad Project

  • Megan Hardeman, Head of Engagement, Figshare

Reading List

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